Saturday, November 06, 2010

hoarders anonymous

i been going thru some stuff in storage recently... it was fun! i found long lost clothes/ books/ photos/ trinkets... then mum says to me, hey missy, long term what are you gonna do with all this stuff? and i find i'm lost for an answer... i am clearly one of life's hoarders!

in front of me is a pile of unread newspapers and magazines.. let me make this clear, i WANT to read them all.. i just find the time to do so alludes me! but is that a reason to throw away a potentially enjoyable read? i think not! and yet piles of unread papers remind me of my step-dad's piles of newspapers that drove my mum mad! haha did i inherit this bad habit from him? or do we just want to absorb as much information as possible in life?

it's not made any easier - my hoarding habit that is - by the fact that i move house so often! i mean, it's abnormal! haha i have friends who long ago wrote my 'new address' in pencil in their address books because they'd already filled a page with crossed out addresses for me.. but i have blogged about my many moves before... how it relates here is, every time i move i'm confronted with all my 'stuff' haha.. at least if i stayed put i might just put it in the loft and forget about it! but why does it bring me any kind of comfort to have all this stuff... obv there is a lot of sentimental value and i'm a nostalgic bird for sure... but i think i seriously need to car boot most of it! i guess i think it will come in handy sometime... even tho as the years go by it fails to come in handy! haha

perhaps i should stick it all in a storage unit for a year and if i don't miss any of it, just get rid... how liberating/ horrifying that would be!

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King of New York Hacks said...

Just watch a few episodes of the show hoarders like I did and I threw out LOTS of stuff. LOL