Sunday, October 14, 2012


life sure ain't boring... and to hell with wanting it to be!

just on the other side of a whirlwind romance with an inappropriate man... lordy I sure can pick them!

but I am so happy to have had the time of my life this last summer and even though him breaking my heart hurt like never before I am determined to only take away the best of it and maybe try learn some lessons for next time... it's all we can do right?

PLUS the best art comes from pain so I got some serious masterpieces in my collection now cos boy did that hurt the mostest!!!

it's so crazy that heartbreak hurts like a physical pain... but heck I lost a few pounds and wrote a few songs so it's not all bad news (you can tell I'm trying my best to be breezy here right? it still hurts as I type but I'm moving on slowly...)

Adam Sandler sings it best in Wedding Singer and it's best to laugh at the bad times right? Just learning to dance in the rain baby!!!

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