Thursday, January 03, 2013

Be Lovely Day


Remember Remember January 12th because you're about to witness something lovely!

Well if you choose to take part and spread the word among friends family and colleagues that is, because Be Lovely Day is recruiting!

A friend and I concocted our lovely plan a few weeks before Christmas... wouldn't it be lovely we mused, if on one day we got everyone together to be lovely to each other and send a lovely ripple into the Universe! :o

So simple and yet so effective - no cost required, just word of mouth and a helping hand from our friends on social media - making something happen that could really make a difference!!!

And here we are - preparing for Be Lovely Day a week on Saturday - get involved! tell your friends and your mum's friends and your son's friends cos this is going GLOBAL! haha

Pay a stranger a compliment, make dinner for a friend, call a long distance relative for a chat, bake a cake for your class, so many little things that can put a smile on so many faces and send a ripple of lovely-ness into the atmosphere - pay it forward darlings!!!

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John said...

A stronger act than a random act of kindness then?

jodester said...

I guess lovely and kind are best buds so either works ;)