Monday, April 01, 2013

My Top 5 Fav Bank Holiday Movies

Bank Holidays are great for watching an old movie you love... 
a movie that is silly, pure popcorn fantasy,  and preferably a movie you enjoyed as a child...
and so here my friends are My Fav Bank Holiday Movies in reverse order...

5 Superman (I or II) starring Christopher Reeve as the flying superhero, what's best about movies like this is the dated special effects haha and Zod was a great baddie fo'shiz!!!

4 BIG starring Tom Hanks as the big kid we all wanted to grow up to be, and some of us did ;) haha (who doesn't want an apartment with a trampoline inside???)

3 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure - word that a third Bill & Ted movie is on the cards fills me with delight, let's hope it's a gem - the original teen adventure was viewed over and over by me and my bestie to the point where I still pronounce Beethoven 'Beet-Hoven' and  in the Americano way of Keanu Reeves haha #excellent ;)

2 Flash Gordon starring Sam Jones - oh my - words can't express how much I love watching this 80s movie, I recall seeing it for the first time in a Saturday morning kids cinema club and I remember swooning as a teen over the leather short shorts Flash sported half way thru the movie haha (note to self: must meet Sam Jones ;) we can dream...)

1 Labyrinth starring David Bowie as The Goblin King CAN'T be beat for sheer joy on a Bank Holiday... the ace songs, the puppets, those trousers!!! haha and is today's choice :)

Enjoy this classic clip and let me know your favourites too :)

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