Monday, April 01, 2013

Piggy Bank Holidays

times they be hard... but nay worry lad and lassy, the piggy bank to the rescue! if you don't have a piggy bank right now you certainly will have had one growing up... and let me tell you, the thrill of the booty inside doesn't lessen when you're all grown up! I have 2 piggy banks, this Genius one and a more traditional pink piggy... I decided since cashflow is currently being fkd by 'austerity' and the general increase in cost of living outside of any rise in wages *sob* to raid ones piggy banks for the Bank Holiday weekend!

A Piggy Bank Holiday, as it shall henceforth now be known, is a great way of celebrating the long weekend! The taxi driver who picked me up on Good Friday was NOT happy to get £5 in silver but tis money!!! haha I got a total of £30 in change this weekend - not to be sniffed at in these hard times, not hoping for as much of a haul the next Bank Holiday cos it's only at the end of the month but August I reckon will surely garner me a few drinks worth ;)

I recommend you turn your Bank Holidays into Piggy Bank Holidays - they rock! haha

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