Monday, June 03, 2013

everything ends or nothing can begin

 well now as usuals my life is a rollercoaster, and like a friend told me recently to cheer me up, it's the best ride in the fair so you don't wanna get off, but sometimes it's an uncomfortable ride!

been having to apply some of my peej philosophy to life just recently... every cliche helps you thru... plenty more fish in the sea, what will be will be, this too shall pass! ha I'm eating them up all grateful like this week!

it's my birthday this month and so I tend to get more reflective than usual... I do seem to bound relentlessly from one adventure to another, it's like the reason I don't enjoy soap operas is cos I'm living my own ! but I know I'd rather this than a boring life, and boy does it make for great songwriting material ;)

wearing red for luck today, and remembering that all is as it should be (tho I never really got on with that Leibniz theory, I kinda see that all closing doors lead to new exciting ones... see, I'm being positive over here!) ... I suppose the great thing about days like these is we feel most alive, most aware of the utter chaos of the Universe and that can be no bad thing! xo

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