Saturday, June 15, 2013

excuse me while I emote at you

I am compelled to write this down and yet CANNOT find the words with which to describe the excitedness coursing thru my being !!!

tonight I sing for Todd White

in Liverpool

HE asked ME (as you'll know, if you're a regular reader I ain't shy and I don't mind asking for stuff or inviting myself along, I'm great! haha)

NERVOUS? moi? it's not the right adjective!!! excited kind of covers it but yet doesn't give the measure of JOY I'm experiencing.. I'm guessing some dopamine has been released in my central cortex or some other science speak.. and I am SURE to crash tmw cos I been feeling this way - kind of like screaming inside, screaming in a good way?? yes? - since yesterday lunchtime when I spoke to the exhibition organisers about what time, what's happening etc - THAT'S when it hit me !!! COULD NOT CONCENTRATE AT ALL after that.. I mean he asked me in like February maybe even January.. ages ago, and I was excited and honoured and flattered.. but now that is is TONIGHT I feel like I'm gonna burst something! hahaha

So tonight I will perform She Never Sleeps Alone followed by Always On The Run about the paintings of the same name for Mister Todd White.. I feel blessed.. I TRULY love my life <3 p="">
Send me good vibrations Universe !!!

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