Friday, September 19, 2008

thank the claude

i wasn't sure whether this should sit here or in no more biscuits but here it is...
i bought a jar of organic G&B choc spread at the weekend with the idea that being good all the time just ain't possible and being naughty with tasty organics is alright-ish!
well the great diet goddess in the sky wasn't so sure and fixed my lid tight to the jar!
every day i'd have a go thinking to myself 'what a wuss!', 'it's not meant to be' and other such consolatory thoughts, until Wednesday when i nearly broke my hand trying to get into the jar of chocolate joy! so i asked the boyf to have a go but he couldn't do it either - this was when i knew the diet goddess in the sky really didn't want me to get at that choccie spread! haha
well there's nothing like a challenge to get me really interested so i took this jar back to the supermarket to swap, the ladies at the till were wise enough to ask if i could open the replacement jar i'd proffered... nope, locked tight!
they called the duty manager... Claude.
he walks over with his big muscles, looks like i'm wasting his time with my lady-wrists but no - even claude with the muscles couldn't open it! i'll confess, watching his face come over all confused and slightly humiliated by the jar of choc spread refusing to open made me feel a little bit better about my rubbish wrist action...
seriously tho - i'm not meant to eat this spread!
so he takes it away.. and i'm not sure what technique finally did it for him but he came back with an open jar! and a sore hand! haha
wow - i was desperate to taste this stuff after such a drama had unfolded! i took a spoonful and i'll tell you it tasted good... but i'm still not sure it was meant to be!

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