Monday, September 01, 2008

monkey forest

whodathunkit?! Monkey's roaming free(ish) in Stoke, England! haha
well technically Trentham but it felt a lot like Stoke to me...

Monkey Forest if you haven't already been totally rocks! Monkeys are just hanging out being, well, monkeys, and people walk around, gettingrightupclose to them without them freaking out!

it's a conservation project we're told, and is just off the M6 junction 15 incase you're passing hehe, and it takes about a hour to walk aropund the whole monkey enclosure where they live in a wee forest... can't tell you how awesome it was!

we got an obligatory fridge magnet on the way out of course but here's the best bit... the cafe on site was called The Banana Cafe - you can see what they've done there - but listen to this - they didn't sell bananas! what? surely you're kidding? i hear you shout - but nay my friend... cream cake and chips you can buy in the 'nana cafe but anything yellow and bendy and vaguely healthy is out! i hope they feed the monkeys better than their visitors! haha surely an opportunity to have a child eat something healthy is being cruelly overlooked here?! or is there just more profit in ice cream? haha

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