Friday, September 26, 2008

i know nothing

when i was 18 i remember thinking life was pretty simple (boys and booze)... then i had my 20s to realise what life was really all about (hard work and hangovers) which takes me to my 30s at which point i realise i know nothing, which of course Descartes knew ages ago! haha

i guess when you get to this 'grown-up' age you have a bunch of preconceptions about what you should be doing based on what you've seen other 'grown-ups' doing along the way... so how come i don't feel like a grown up yet?! haha

i have a theory that you don't ever 'grow-up' unless you have sprogs and since i'm sprog free and no plans to change that anytime soon i get to behave as someone in their 20s does right?
well, not quite cos i'm bored of going out every night to get drunk! haha

it's a case of lifestyle i guess, you behave in a way your lifestyle allows... my job means i get up at 4.30am - which means boozy late nights are pretty few and far between! my friends are all coupled up, the kind of people i loathed to hang out with when i was a singleton for their looks of pity! haha a couple of years ago i asked for Monopoly for christmas! not shoes?! who am i becoming?! haha

me and the man have been invited to a whole lotta weddings recently and i'm becoming the girl they ask at the wedding 'so do you think you guys will...' oh god! i don't know?! talk about peer pressure! having a thrice divorced ma doesn't exactly make you excited about being taken up the aisle! hehe

so i guess i'll just have concentrate on the things i do know, like sending postcards is nice to do and makes someone somewhere smile when they go fetch the mail...
like trying on all your shoes after reading Vogue is a fun thing to do and stops you from buying another pair of gorgeous shoes you'll never have the opportunity to wear!
like reading a good book is such a great healer for the soul (especially when the headlines are as gloomy as they've been the last few months!)

stuff like that gets you thru the night baby!

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King of New York Hacks said...

actually after reading that post , it seems you know quite a bit now. Keep it up and the good stuff will follow you.