Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'm still standing

blimey Elton John likes boobies! who knew?! haha

no wonder he's pals with Posh Spice - she has big ones!

i went to see the grand pop master Elton John live in Birmingham last week and having just about recovered from the late night (in bed at 11.30pm for goodness sakes! it'll give me wrinkles for sure!) i can report that it was awesome!
when you think about the kind of life this guys has had since making it big in his twenties - the parties he's been to, the drugs he's been offered! my god, its a wonder that the man is indeed still standing! haha he knew John Lennon too - very cool in my book! haha
surprisingly the show is full of boobs! on the video screen behind him are many a montage filled with bare breasted ladies... and later a giant pair of inflated boobies are revealed along with many other inflatable things - you certainly can't say Reg takes himself too seriously! and as for Pammy's appearance - blimey! that girl has a figure to envy... i need to get me one of those poles! haha

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