Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the doctor will see you now

nobody told me that once you hit 30 your body stopped working! haha
my knee has hurt me a long time actually so its not just the steady decline to senility but it just feels that way when since hitting the big three-o your back gave way, your knee acts up and your face heads south! haha
i have flat feet so my doc told me in a patronising manner (do they know they do that? i have to assume not, since my mum talks like a teacher to anyone she meets and i guess it just comes with the job...) which means, uninformed folks, that my knees are a little crosseyed - how sexy am i?! haha which all equals pain - nice!
so i'm on the nhs waiting list for a physiotherapist and will be on this list for at least 3 months which does make you wonder if they invested in prevention over cure maybe the list wouldn't be so big right?! haha no, i'm sure common sense don't help in these circumstances - better just sign up for my hip op now haha
but i also need special insoles which my doc says are 'ineffective' if you get the free ones on the nhs (free doesn't come into it hey taxpayers?! hehe) so i'm looking at a few hundred quid to do the job right... unbelievable! why are they dishing out substandard care? cos they don't like working for 'free' (there's that word again! haha)
i'm also about to spend a small fortune on my teeth being given a refresher - but i don't quite understand why i'm paying £800 for a bridge that should be £200 on the nhs - its all very confusing and i'll be ringing them to ask about this before i go under! haha
so yes, feeling a little bit hard done by as a 33yr old at the moment, healthcare is costing me a fortune! no more nice shoes for me!

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