Tuesday, November 11, 2008

close encounters

so i saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time this weekend on DVD with my dad and my man... and it was ACES!
i didn't realise it was out in '77, i thought maybe early 80s, it doesn't make much difference but put it in a pre-Star Wars context, or at least the same year and its very interesting!
it's pretty out there if you haven't seen it recently (or at all) - certainly very 70s - and even though i was aware that it existed and had heard the music a zillion times over the years it was pretty cool to finally see it...
i had been thinking how amazing it would be if in our lifetime aliens came to visit earth or we visited them, and i do believe we can't be the only carbon based life form in the universe! so its only a matter of time right? maybe not, but its not impossible right?! hehe i love it and i think after 100 of the industrial revolution its the next big thing, the great adventure for humankind...

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