Friday, December 12, 2008

sick girl

so i booked the day off work a couple of months back so i could go to my man's work xmas do and not have to worry about getting up at 4am, as any sane person would, so what happens? i get sick!
what a crock!
the office has been crawling with winter bugs for about 2 months and while i almost caught one a couple of weeks back one finally got me! i protested to my boss that today should really be a day off sick not a day's hard earned holiday but he gave me short shrift...
so here i am, in bed with some cold & flu tablets to stifle my fever/ headache symptoms, apple juice, lemon&ginger tea, water and cough syrup to stop the glass-in-my-throat pain and a box of aloe infused tisses for my seriously sneezing schnozz! haha i'm tooled up baby!
thank goodness for the internet! being sick is sooooooooo DULL!
i just loaded up on chick flicks for the coming hours... i have St Trinians starring the sexy Russell Brand which i know will be awful but i wanna see anyway (sometimes trash is good for you!), then we have SATC The Movie, and to get a bit festive The Holiday... pure schmaltz to make me feel warm inside!
i have nobody to fetch for me today which is a bit of a shame, but i do have a pizza in the freezer should my appetite come back today - good times!

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