Sunday, December 07, 2008

wide eyed sober

never been to a work do sober before... god they're really boring! haha

now i don't want to sound ungrateful because i know how expensive company Christmas parties can be and its nice they make an effort but simply put, a bunch of people who work together don't necessarily a party make!

as part of my new healthier lifestyle i decided not to tip all the free booze i could grab down my neck at this years festive do but i was quickly alarmed to find myself yawning!

now this could easily be because this year working the morning shift has meant come midnight my brain turns into a pumpkin! haha but also trying to chat to drunk people when you yourself are not drunk is a wee bit tiresome, boring and best kept to a minimum!

the good thing is i didn't embarrass myself for once, i didn't fall over and i didn't spill any drinks! how cool is that?!

though without the booze to numb the pain my ankles hurt a lot in those high heels! haha

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