Thursday, February 19, 2009

guilty as charged

to my shame (thanks RB) i have fallen foul of micro blogging!

twitter is so fun and instant and effort-free and i spend my free time surfing there casually... next thing i know i'm looking at no blogs since Feb 6th? oh my days - how rude!

so i got a new watch today :)

it's nice and shiny and took me months to pick and the best part is, even tho i had a budget of £100 for a nice flashy bit of wrist jewellery - it only cost £30! brilliant news! so as a treat i can get a nice retro Casio too for £20 with money left for cocktails! i'm easy pleased huh?!

i know twitter won't last - it can't - it's too time consuming! but it's fun while it it the latest thing so if you are on there say hi - i'm producerjodie ;)

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