Monday, February 02, 2009

groundhog day

festive greetings all friends of the Groundhog! one day it sure would be fun to wake up in Punxsutawney (do you know how hard that is to spell?!) and take a stroll down Gobbler's Knob - even though its not in the town centre like in the film, see the hog and have some punch... ah well we can dream!

seeing the Groundhog is up there with wanting to be at the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Alaska come May - it couldn't BE any further away from England so i guess it's just not meant to be and maybe if it's back in Europe in 2011 i can make the trip... what a day that is - i heartily recommend it to anyone who lives nearer, and if you can grow facial hair - do so! haha, i'm actually quite envious of the art of facial hair, not that i would like to be a bearded lady making a living in the circus! but for guys i think its fun to have a lovely beard... apparently they've been shown in research to be scary things - but what could be more natural than a man's beard? certainly some need more trimming than others - but ZZTop looked great under their big beards... sounds like some guy who couldn't go past bum fluff started making bad pr for beards way back hehe

in other news i read today that in some parts of asia grey hair is said to be a sign of wisdom, with each grey hair representing a problem overcome - how awesome would that be if it were true - i've had a lot of problems... hehe

and why does this country just seize up in the face of a bit of extreme weather - i suppose we just not an extreme nation and hence the hysteria begins... having said that i have no idea how i'm going to get to work tomorrow with my car under 10 inches of snow... goodness me, i am NOT walking to work in the snow at 5 in the morning! haha

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