Monday, February 23, 2009

big fringe

here is my new fringe! well what it was based on anyhow... the 'winkleman' was finally chopped into place just over a week ago and i can confirm that i quite like my new look (even tho i wasn't sure i looked like 'me' for a few days!) haha
let me tell you it's more high maintenance than i'm used to but not as much hassle as i'd worried about... my hairdresser (who i'll be seeing for a trim before too long!) says i have to dry it as soon as i get out of the shower which seems melodramatic but then i know the kinks in my hair and if they get a hold of my new front bit there'll be no hope! haha
it was a little sadness i washed my hair for the first time after it was professionally styled as we all know it doesn't look that good again til you go next time! it was ironed and light and shiny and now its kinky, frizzy me again (except the dried-first-fringe of course!) but that's okay man! it's like the real me! haha
it's THE most talked about hair cut i've had in along time - it changes how i look so much people literally didn't recognise me which is kind of thrilling, but of course we'll know whether it really suits me when my mum sees it this weekend! haha they don't hold back do mothers when it comes to having opinions on stuff - maybe she won't even recognise me either! haha

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