Thursday, December 24, 2009

George Lassos The Moon

have just finished watching my favourite Christmas movie It's A Wonderful Life...

that mean ol' Potter, Clarence and George get me every year! if only the bankers of the world would watch and learn! lol

i am now infront of a warm fire with the radio on hanging out with my dad eating, well, you know, christmassy things! he brought some chocolate covered prunes and nutty turkish delight, i have provided pistachios and baileys, and yet i still feel the need to graze! lol no wonder everyone puts on 10lbs over xmas!

my only escape will be bedtime!

the man is working overnights this festive season so he will be mostly absent from the eating fest that is the next few days, altho i do intend on feeding him up in between shifts, a chocolate orange won't eat itself!

i will be making an effort to blog over the festives... i am sure it will be fascinating... lol

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King of New York Hacks said...

Just isn't Christmas until I watch that movie. Merry Christmas.