Friday, March 05, 2010

whispering to dogs

this week i saw The Dog Whisperer LIVE! can you imagine a better thing to do on a cold Thursday night in Birmingham? Cesar Millan in the actual flesh! OMG!

he walked on stage and did his impression of a dog wagging its tail - too cute! he made a lot of women in the midlands very happy right there...

before i went along i wasn't sure what to expect, the TV show is great but how would that translate to a stage show? would there be actual dogs or just a lot of multi-media? well in fact he had a combination of both... what surprised me most was how much he talked about relationships between men and women as part of his spiel... i mean i understand he talks about relationships between people and dogs... i suppose he was using it as a point of reference... it unnerved me tho haha

there is something very special about seeing someone in the flesh for the first time after having seen them on your telly every week for a year - oooh they're real! haha and he's so likeable! i tried so hard to arrange to interview him via work but he had no PR time for the likes of me - boo! well, whatever... his loss... etc etc (gutted! haha)

he was a great showman too, it must be pretty daunting to step out infront of thousands of people to give what is a tarted up dog training seminar, safe to say he has big ones... and he made lots of gags about how we love to humanise dogs, hey, it's funny cos it's true buddy! Lol

my friend at work said the name of the show made it sound like he goes around whispering to dogs - "oi come here rover" - which is quite an amusing concept... of course as any good Millan follower will tell you he trains people and rehabilitates dogs...

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