Thursday, June 24, 2010

gimlet girl

It was my birthday this week! And if you know me, and I know you do ;) You'll know this means weeks of self loathing (why aren't i fluent in Italian/ joined a rock band/ found the meaning of life yet? etc etc) followed by my annual birthday cocktails!

a friend of mine* recently noting my liking for Vodka Lime and Soda, recommended i try a Vodka Gimlet! excitedly we tried to find one that very eve but i had to wait until I was at cocktail bar Nuvo in Brum Monday night for my first meeting with the Vodka/ Lime blend...

but OMG it is a tasty treat! Just look at it! so for my birthday i got a new favourite cocktail and a new favourite Beatles** record!

new fave Beatles you ask? well somehow by living on a B-side and never making an album Yes It Is had passed me by and yet is so easy on the ears i just love it... check them vowels! i have since discovered more unfamiliar B-sides and bootlegs (ah the internet is a wonderful place sometimes) and it's quite a treat!

*/** many thanks R

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