Friday, June 25, 2010

moving on

I moved house again this week.

Again I say cos let me tell you there's been a few... in fact I've more than likely talked of moving before on this blog!

But when you've lived in Liverpool (3 addresses)/ Basingstoke (2)/ London/ Cambridge (3)/ Kingston/ Brighton/ Sheffield/ Manchester (5)/ Birmingham (3 so far) it all adds up to a lifetime of boxes and people commenting on how many shoes you own!

We were at the last place for just shy of 2 years and probs would've stayed a bit longer (despite it being the coldest house in the world!!!) but the landlady wanted to sell up and now we're living in a much hipper part of town so...

I'll miss my nice neighbours tho, to the left was a lovely couple Craig & Sue and Craig proved invaluable for any handy man help... to the right were Stella & Pete... across the street John who knew about cars and helped me start my battery last winter.. and round the corner Bert the veg man reminded me why you should never buy supermarket produce - it tastes of nothing! been chilled to death!

a couple of people have said hello to us as we've been moving stuff into the new place, so hoping our new neighbours will be just as nice, but it's a shame you can't check before you commit! haha

so the next couple of weeks will be me unpacking and trying not to spend any money as i wait for the deposit to be returned*, boy moving is expensive!

then need to consider a house warming...

*the boyf has a crazy idea about this that involves him never getting a deposit returned... more money than sense clearly!

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