Monday, March 27, 2006

my secret blog

i haven't told anyone about my blog while i get used to it.
i kind of told my boyfriend this weekend but he'll probably forget and i didn't tell him what it was called so maybe it will stay secret for a while longer.
but the problem is when you're writing this sort of thing you mention it in conversation which so far hasn't led to any further enquiry.
it's not that i don't want people i know to read it, i just don't think it's of any consequence and therefore shouldn't be advertised!

i was thinking last week about vegetables first.
you know how when you were a kid and your dinner was served up - what did you eat first? the nice bits or the vegetables?! i always ate my veggies first, not cos i liked them especially but just cos i knew then i had a treat in store, mmm, mash!
i was reminded of this when i was given a task at work on Friday - there was a laborious data input task and a writing job, so i started on the boring bit first knowing i would have something to look forward to.
on this task prioritizing, my younger brother was the opposite to me - he'd leave his veggies til last.*
he probably cottoned on that he could cry 'full' and get away with not eating them at all.
i have always been so disappointed when such underhand behaviour wins the day!
my boyfriend eats his veggies first. that's nice isn't it. an analogy for life together. i reckon it says a lot about someone whether they face the less pleasant upfront or put it off. surely it's a weakness of character to put off the inevitable unpleasantness in life?!! haha

*i don't eat meals a lot with my brother these days so it's not entirely impossible that he's seen the light regards eating your veggies first, but can people really just change their life attitude like that?!
he also used to hum in satisfaction when he ate. which bizarrely my boyfriend also does. it's so funny to listen to. but they're not even aware they're doing it. they're just loving it! haha

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