Wednesday, April 30, 2008

her madgesty

Good ol' Madge has a new record out so there's been a lot of chat about her and her musical adventures, and yesterday on The Hits music channel they had a feature called Madonna: Back To The Beginning or something...

It started at 7pm and was on til around midnight (way past my bedtime) and I watched the first hour, well in truth listened mostly, occasionally watching is more like it, while I read the paper and I felt compelled to say how pleasant it was... you just can't beat her pop hits!

As driven a human being as she seems to be, even she can't have thought back in '85 "I'll be working a purple leotard when I'm pushing 50 baby" haha

I'm so gutted I had to go to bed, I only got as far as 1998 and Ray of Light, I'd have loved to see the Bedtime Stories vids, and even earlier stuff like Borderline... ah good ol' Madge!

And today I got her new album for free at work, good times!

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