Monday, April 07, 2008

beanbag riff

i recently invested in a beanbag for our flat...

while there's enough seating for us, when we have guests we need extra bum-space so a beanbag seemed ok cos it doesn't take up too much room in our bijou pad and doubles as a footrest if needs be!*

trouble is, i have had to replace this beanbag twice now due to splitting - the Achilles heel of any good bean-based furniture! And now i'm loathe to sit on number 3 so weary am i of it! we are now on day5 of the latest bean-bag and its okay so far... But really you'd expect the seams to be extra tight on such a piece of soft-furnishing!

i went into a fancy bean-bag shop in Dublin last year, you know the giant £500 ones, bet they don't bust after just a few sits!

*i'm sure the the joy of elevated feet is a wonder to only the over 30s amongst us, hehe

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