Tuesday, April 15, 2008

your country needs you!

like a thunderbolt from the blue it hit me...

my shoe addiction just got worthy! the economy is teetering on troublesome times and here i am willing to spend on the high street when all sensible people are closing their wallets! those pink platforms at Kurt Geiger seem frivalous? i think you'll find you're helping halt an economic downturn! haha

nu shoes = better economy! women of Britain unite! we alone can halt this crazy economic turmoil, by doing what we do best! shopping! hurrah!


www.20six.co.uk/lloydd said...

The shoe industry is destroying the planet. It has an unsustainable ecological footprint.

jodester said...

yawn! and hello? they said on the news only yesterday that the high street is worried about shoppers... ergo i get new shoes! win:win baby! hehe