Friday, June 20, 2008

birthday cupcakes

can anything beat cupcakes by post?! yes. and i'll tell you what... surprise cupcakes by post! haha
my friend kc has seriously upped the stakes in giftage this year by sending me a polka dot tin of sugary goodness for my birthday this weekend! what a legend!
i'm very excited because tomorrow i'm going for Birthday* Cocktails. i have a new frock, new shoes, and by about 2.30 this afternoon i'll have shiny new hair too! yey! i know how to do birthdays, as celebrant or guest of, i get suitably excited every time, and i really don't understand people who don't 'do' birthdays! can you really just not be into getting lovely friends and family together for drinkies?!
ofcourse the party zit is in full effect... pah!
*This weekend anything that i enjoy will be officially part of my birthday celebrations, you don't turn 33 everyday! haha

1 comment:

MsC said...

What a wonderful birthday treat! Hope you enjoy your birthday weekend. =)