Friday, June 27, 2008


i watched a couple of documentaries about Margaret Thatcher this week, as an elder stateswoman i understand this kind of thing is par for the course... and as a woman i feel i ought to support a woman doing so well in politics which is so dominated by stupid white men... and yet she took away my school milk! literally! haha it's hard to like a lady who could do that... but these documentaries reckoned it wasn't her fault that particular blight on British kids, she was however responsible the current housing price crisis, selling off council homes and forbidding the cash to be spent on more social housing resulting in a massive lack of property and literally putting people on the streets... she also said 'there's no such thing as society' and unfortunately it became a self-fulfilling prophesy... thanks Mags! i did feel sorry for her watching when she was teary-eyed being booted from No.10, but she'd been a bit out of touch for a while to say the least and it only confirms my belief that no-one who deserves power desires it...
currently we're watching the tide turning to the right again in this country when the leader of the Tory party is no more than a spin king who used to be the party's PR boy! when will ordinary folk let alone women get an opportunity to run the world? Maggie was quoted in vintage Beeb footage back when it was 12 women in a 600 member house of parliament, perhaps it was because the men were already in charge and not keen for women to get involved, which leads to me to my next point...
I'm reading Germaine Greer's 70s classic The Female Eunuch from which i've already gleaned that child rearing is a male conspiracy to keep women at home and marriage something no right minded woman would enter into! She says women should shun what is expected of them by our patriarchal societies, and that this would mean no marriage, no weakness, no moral code! blimey! but i do wonder about the battle of the sexes... what a great thing it would be to pop your head round the door of a parallel universe where women ruled the world... would there still be war and suffering? certainly when Queen Elizabeth I ruled Britannia wars still raged, but perhaps this was the world she merely inherited from the Kings before her... if there's one thing i've learned is that you can be a mean person man or woman, as well you can be a kind one. I'm glad of the one i chose to try and be regardless of all those around me who only look out for number one. they'll get theirs in the end.
you reap what you sow baby!
now, to bra burning*... hehe
*she never said this btw, this would be another form of repression apparently - hey i'm only on chapter 2!

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