Monday, June 23, 2008

cyber shopping

no wonky wheeled trolley... no screaming toddlers with exasperated mums... no long line at the checkout and no impulse purchases! oh me oh my i just discovered online grocery shopping!
it seems i have come full circle with the supermarket...
when you're a child you tire of them easily and fall out with the person who won't let you have sweets helpfully placed by the checkouts.... then as a young adult you get to go by yourself filling your trolley with beer and pizza which is very satisying... then shopping becomes a chore again so you top up at the local spa instead of facing the 42 isles supermarkets have become - they're so exhausting!
then you discover online groceries delivered to the door - but aha! you may think - what about the costs of delivery?! well not enough for me to divide it by petrol consumption and time usage and decide £5 ain't so bad! haha
and not only did the young man who delivered my groceries come to my building - he came up in the lift and carried my order into the kitchen! fan-bloody-tastic! i'm never going shopping again! haha, all i need to do now is convince my man we can afford a laundry service too and the good times are truly here! hehe

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