Monday, June 09, 2008

Deal or No Deal Baby!

Oh my! Sometimes i forget how excitable i can become... But on Friday I could hardly contain myself with the prospect of going to see Deal Or No Deal being filmed! haha

Thing is, i know it's just a TV show and i know the waiting around can be a bit boring, but you know what so can loads of things in life and it's all about your attitude! as far as i was concerned this was going to be best Friday afternoon ever and nothing would convince me otherwise!

It's due to this unblinking excitment of the day ahead that i was really stressed about being late, about getting lost in Bristol's new one-way system despite (or in thanks to) Sat Nav, and whether being late would ruin our front row chances! haha my boyf got in the neck about taking too much time at the motorway services and he dutifully put his foot down - nothing stands between me and Noel! haha

When we got there we met our friends in other vehicles (an impressive party of 8 no less) and we lined up with me easily being the most excited person in the entire queue! Why these other people had bothered to come if they weren't excited i don't know... When we got to the front of the queue turns out the guy i booked out tickets with on the telephone was ticking off names, so obviously i hugged him! haha you can't take me anywhere!

In the waiting room there was a silly cut out of Noel and the Banker so you could pop your head thru to be the Banker's face, i stuck my head thru to everyone's bemusement but the picture looked really disproportionate so i look like i have a shrunken head! haha, there was also a DOND video game that i went on - and again - was really exicted about it all! What i couldn't work out was why everyone else in the holding room was so low energy... i guess this is why when i asked for a Noel autograph they got it for me! And they put me on the front row! woo! just yards from the mighty Noel and all the action!

I definitely recommend it - in fact i'd like to go again if it wasn't so far away... Was a bit disappointed not to get a mug but you can't have it all i suppose... i wonder if i should audition to be a contestant - would my boss give me the time off?! haha, you have to live with the other contestants for weeks in a hotel in Bristol! Madness!

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