Thursday, July 10, 2008

blind date

i have a blind date this afternoon!
now, don't worry, the man has nothing to worry about!
having only moved to the Midlands recently i am a little short of female company and while chatting about this with a galpal in London discovered another lady in the Midlands seeking a ladybuddy!
so today is the big day - of course i have first date zits - it would be rude not too, since they always turn up for important social occasions!
i'm meeting my possibly soon-to-be new galpal at Starbucks this afternoon where we will hopefully spot each other thru the crowds and have lots to talk about... eek! or possibly not?!!
i trust my friend who has set us up and frankly life is too dull without a good portion of girltalk in your life so needs must, but it's quite daunting! i've not been on a first date in years and a blind date - never! haha
i will post an update on how it went tomorrow...

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