Thursday, July 17, 2008

oh but you would...

oh my. i'm such a sucker for a good looking older gent! gorgoeus george, the hoff, i have a list! but the old flames of lust have been fanned for the Brosnan after seeing Mamma Mia this week!

he was of course a fabalas Bond but i ain't seen him on screen for such a long time it was quite a surprise to find myself being wooed once more by this blue eyed bit of yes-please! haha

and yes i understand why everyone has had a go re: the singing, but hey, he can croon at me anytime! and the film is sooo brilliant it's gonna become a cult hit for sure!

it reminded me of Grease in many ways, it doesn't take itself at all seriously and just has fun - the greek chorus is freakn hilarious! i recommend and the ABBA tunes take on a whole new light...

but frankly seeing Pierce in an ABBAesque jumpsuit makes my heart skip ever so slightly quicker just thinking about it! haha

there's something very simple and beautiful about a honest-to-goodness PHWOAR moment in life don't ya think?

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