Thursday, July 31, 2008

Head in Burrr

on Saturday I'm off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a week of comedy and beer - oh and most importantly - lie ins! haha

can't believe its that time of year again already! and how my diet will cope with all the naughtiness available i don't know! ah well there's always September to be trim...

hoping to see lots of free fringe for up and coming funny people, but will start off with a bang to get us in the mood with Simon Munnery's AGM and Stewart Lee's latest offering Scrambled Eggs... and of course we have to catch the marvellous despite diminutive Phil Nichol...

i have to get my cheeks ready for the faceache that comes from a) laughing so much at all the funny and b) smiling so sympathetically at the not-so-funny, and take it from a seasoned comedy fan, the latter is much worse as there's no pay-off! it's a one way street for those guys! haha
Dan Nightingale - a great stand up from the Manchester circuit - is also doing a show in Ed so he's on our list, as well as Wil Hodgson, Sara Millican, and Joan Rivers was on there but sadly is sold out (don't even go there - i'm livid at my shoddy forward planning!!)
The great thing about the festival tho is its 'up-for-it-ness' if there were such a word, you can smell the effort and enthusiasm in the air as you get off the train at Waverley, so many people having a go, i love it...
I shall report back once the inevitable comedy comedown has subsided!

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