Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why are Estate Agents allowed?

Did anyone ever utter the words 'Mummy, when I grow up, I want to be an Estate Agent...'?
I ruddy doubt it!

And yet exist they do, and ripping people off is what they get up to... I'm sure not all EA are ugly human beings but surely a lot I've come across are just that and so give them all a bad name!
Recently me and the man were told we had to give 60 days notice on a rented place, WTF? I can quit my job is 30 days but if I was planning on leaving the city to start a new job I'd have to volunteer a month's rent? It's disgusting! I'm going to report them to the Office of Fair Trading because it is simply unfair to expect people to be able to give that kind of notice in this day and age. No-one messes with the jodester's hard-earned! They'll be sorry the day they made my man sign up for that fascist notice clause*! I am full of PropertyRage! Argh!

Having said that I am really looking fwd to our new place which is sooo lovely and quiet and spacious and conveniently located... ah realtor heaven, haha

*yes yes, my mum has already said 'always read the small print' but i think it's safe to say this is pretty unusual and they've failed to point it out making it unfair and probably illegal.. pah!


Gene said...

Did you realize that your comment about always reading the small print was itself in small print? And I did read it!

jodester said...

LOL i didn't realise - you're a genius Gene!