Friday, August 15, 2008

moving time

i'm surprised i haven't broken out in some kind of nervous rash as i prepare to move house -again!

but its a good move - from small urban flat in gritty inner city to roomy semi in the burbs where life will be sweet! haha

since we're very storage space challenged at our current abode there isn't that much to pack up since we've had to leave everything in boxes while we've lived there - but as usual it will be the 'bits' that get annoying, but hopefully come Monday everything will be in place for life in the suburbs...
too many rentals have made me cynical but thinking positively i'm sure the neighbours will be lovely and the new bed comfy! hurrah!

the estate agents trying to let our current place continue to astound me with their incompetence.
yesterday they had managed to book a viewing only to turn up 45 minutes early while i was napping in bed (prior to night out at the theatre watching Mary Poppins the musical which is very good as it happens!) - luckily for me, after weeks of BS from these people turning up on my doorstep unannounced i've resorted to keeping the chain on the front door as the blighters kept letting themselves in! unbelievable.

so i dragged myself out of bed and asked them if they were the 5pm lot to which they looked at me sheepishly, yes, yes they are, sorry to disturb - MY ARSE!

i'll be so glad when these people are out of my life! thing is, the building we live in is such an unpleasant environmen for living in, that i feel bad for anyone looking at it - i want to tell them - don't do it! it's a re-gen ghetto! haha but of course i can't do that... maybe i should make some wee warning notes and thrust them into potential tenants paws before its too late and they've signed a themselves into a draconian contract!

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