Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One hundred and twenty-five English pounds?!

This is how much British Telecom have charged me for a new phone line to my new abode - another thing to add to the spiralling costs of moving house!

they say because a different company had the last account and engineer needs to visit to flick a switch - sorry create a new line - yeah right! more like in a few months they won't have the monopoly on creating new lines anymore and will start being a bit more creative with their price tag but in the mean time pay up suckers!

it's so rude! and to make matters worse i can't have my telly without a phone line? so i have to wait up to 11 working days for this even though they're charging me £125! only a monopoly could operate such a shoddy service - how about next day installation? thats what i call service, i wouldn't even mind a 3 day turnaround but 11 days? j*sus! what are these people doing?!

unbelievable. and i know you know i told them so! haha

the guy at the call centre didn't know what to make of me - i told him don't worry its not your fault my man, but your company takes the michael! he tried to defend them but there's no getting around it, if you charge extortionate fees for not much actual work because you know nobody else can do it you're on the wrong side of the moral compass in my book!

as you might have gathered, due to a general lack of sleep and stress levels at an all time high anyone who crosses me at the moment is getting very short shrift! haha

rant over. for now!

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