Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am not a robot

so the Edinburgh comedy festival was totally amazing!

I am recovering slowly from the cerebral onslaught as my brain tries to catch up on the 28 shows we watched in just 6 days! 28! we took too much!

we spent a kings ransom of course but it were worth it... and we saw lots of really good free stuff including street poet philosoper king Will Stophar (see above) who reminded me that life is a journey not a destination, so glad we braved the torrential rain for that guy! try and catch him if you see him gigging near you!

other highlights were old favourites Stewart Lee who did a really funny bit about a 70s jazz comic called Franklin Ajaye... Simon Munnery's AGM... Stewart Lee's directed Elizabeth & Raleigh Late n Live starring Simon Munnery! Priceless! Phil Nichol on form as always... newbies to watch out for were Dan Nightingale, Stephen Grant and Glenn Wool (who we saw perhaps a little too much of!)

i have a list somewhere of all the shows we saw - its like a military campaign seeing as much as you can there's so much great stuff on - but it's in a bag somewhere and i've been too exhausted to even look at it!

other highlights were sitting next to The Hamiltons at Nina Conti and then watching their show the next day, taking part in their audience game and winning a lunch at lovely Italian restuarant at Sardi's with my flexible ways! fabalas!

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