Wednesday, August 27, 2008

too short to reach the broad beans

i was vertically challenged TWICE yesterday!

talk about making you feel small - i couldn't even reach the top freezer shelf in the supermarket and i really wanted those broad beans (see No More Biscuits) so i had to wait around for about 2 minutes for a friendly-looking taller person to reach them for me!
can you imagine how humiliating this is? it's a conspiracy i tells ya! i happen to know i'm very average! i ain't no 'small' person, generally speaking i'm a 'medium' (unless its my ass but hey i'm working on that already!!) and you know what that means?! every day hundreds of people can't reach the broad beans!

so i get home and i need to change a lightbulb at the top of the stairs but even tho the ceiling is quite low i still can only touch the bulb with my fingertips... there's no chair to pull over and the other day when taking the dead bulb out i'd put on my platform silver shoes and still had to tiptoe so that was out... eventually after thinking i'd have to wait til my towering boyf came home to get it put in i remembered a storage box under the bed that would probably hold my weight haha, and i did the task!

but seriously there are shelves i can't reach in the kitchen, at the supermarket and i think its just plain sizeist! who designs these places anyways? a very tall person that's who!

i need to write and complain to someone about this - yeah Tesco, you're gonna get it! haha

To Be Continued...

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