Wednesday, October 08, 2008

first borns need only apply

i have a great new box for dating websites to add to their questionnaires!

i discovered by chance that there is a theory that you should only date the same placed family member, so for example i'm a first born eldest child dating the same! the youngest should date the youngest and middle stick with middle...

now while this hasn't been proven universal its looking like 60/40 which is more than just coincidence right?

perhaps not, but oh i love it how so many people i ask agree with this theory, especially those who had to divorce a wrongly placed partner with a right placed second or third partner! brilliant!

the idea is your place in the family makes you more compatible and i can understand why, parents do treat each kid differently... i have a friend who is the 2nd child of four and her two younger ones ran wild after she and her sister had been given short shrift, presumably cos her parents just didn't have the energy anymore! haha

does it work for you? for the people you know? get in touch!

; )

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