Monday, March 02, 2009

she loves you yeah yeah yeah

went back to my hometown this weekend...

the sun was out and i was taking a friend round some Beatles spots (will put some pics up when all things necessary switched on and ready to swap data...)

good times!

all remarked on my accent becoming coarser throughout the weekend, pah these pesky foreigners, they don't know how easy it is to slip back into - i'm such a cuckoo when i comes to vowels! but i did get a bit of jaw ache that i won't miss - they some serious pronunciations they got in that town! haha

still can't actually believe me ears when i hear that Liverpool council deemed it acceptable behaviour to 'fill in' the Cavern Club in the late 70s/ early 80s for - wait for it, a railway project that didn't go ahead! seriously! so to make it up to the people they built a shopping centre called Cavern Walks on top instead... you couldn't make it up! idiots.

i always felt a bit of a cliche loving The Beatles and being from Liverpool, but i can say hand on heart if they'd been from anywhere else in the world the story of how they made it, against the odds and the music they made is so engaging i'm certain i would like il fab quatro! haha

there was a great quote from George Harrison after the band had split who said: The Beatles will carry on without us. And so it did!

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