Friday, January 30, 2009

trying to be good

maybe i'm naive but i'm of the opinion that you should always try to be the best you can be - try to be good! otherwise you let yourself down and those around you who believe in your capabilities...

i often think i'm not the best i can be and it frustrates me... but at least i have the drive to try!

probably my standards are too high, but better than them being too low right? eventually i hope my ideas will even out to match my life but if you stop learning you shrivel and die right?

i'm feeling a bit confused about what is 'expected' of me at the moment in life... but perhaps its just in my head (that's what society does to you right?! haha)

am i supposed to get married and breed at some point? or is it just not that big a deal anymore? i read about how packaging is making people infertile this week - not a new story - but you do kinda get the impression mother nature has had anough of the parasite that is human beings and will see the more industrious of us off! haha

its so weird being 'grown up' thats for sure, when you were young you expected to just somehow know what to do when you got older... i still call my mum when something weird happens! maybe you're not fully grown up til you have kids or your parents are gone - then you have to step up and be responsible - sounds awful! haha

well i guess you just figure it out as you go along - what will be will be with a dash of influence here and there...

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