Tuesday, March 31, 2009

getting out of the city

now bear with me listener, i will put up some pics from my recent jaunt, honest, its just that i find the process a tad tedious sending the pics from phone to puter... then finding pics on puter to put on picblog... but i do have pics to show you so i will get round to it!

had the pleasure of visiting Lyme Regis this weekend, very nice too (see above snap!), even saw actual fossils! can you imagine? how geeky am i fossil hunting on my weekend!

like many seaside towns Lyme Regis offers you clean sea air, fish & chips and cream teas... but unlike some also offers 25 book shops (including one that doubles up as a B&B!) and more art galleries than you would expect in a sleepy seaside resort - we stumbled upon more than one studio open for browsers! it all felt very bohemian... and reminded us we must get to St Ives this year and try for the transatlantic Donovan drawl* hehe

it always feels good to get out of the city, blow out the cobwebs, dream about getting back to the coast... need to keep playing that lotto! haha

we also saw the joy that is the Cerne Abbas giant! now he really makes an impression on a girl! haha, then we had a ginger beer. imported from Australia?! not lashings, just the one. very nice too but it seemed a long way for it have come when we were in Enid Blyton country! perhaps they import Dorset ginger beer downunder...

we also took time to pop into Monkey World which is truly awesome and the gorgeous orangutans were my favourites, though the woolly monkeys were very entertaining - its a must see!

*we recently saw a very good documentary about Donovan in which his accent went from BBC narrator style to trans atlantic beatnik! very enigmatic...

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