Monday, March 09, 2009

laugh out loud

i went to see a UCF last week (Ultimate Chick Flick)

you know the kind you wouldn't dream, in your right mind, of asking the man to accompany you to... He's Just Not That Into You...

superstar cast of hot Hollywood actresses all lining up to lament the world of dating - and i'm glad to report it made me shriek with laughter! this is fairly uncommon as most media tends to evoke a chuckle at best, especially in the cinema... but this film made me and others squeal in horror and delight at the things we women tell ourselves before the eternal truth 'he's just not that into you'

of course guys don't get off scottfree! they don't tell us straight that they're not into us so we have to conjur up reasons they haven't called/ emailed/ fb'd haha

in the beginning of the film it sets out the stall with a little girl in the playground crying with her mom telling her the first of many bad bits of advice girls listen to in their lives... how i wish i'd had the male friend Gigi gets in this movie in my 20s! it's so shameful to think how much time i wasted on timewaster guys! clearly i needed someone to explain the truth to me...

glad i'm not 'out there' anymore but hopefully i would be wiser in my dalliances...

great film tho, tho SJ is way too attractive... yet seems so nice! haha

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