Wednesday, March 18, 2009

this summer...

okay, close your eyes... no that's not going to work is it? haha

read the following line and then close your eyes and imagine it being read by 'The Movie Trailer Guy' haha

"This Summer, from the director of some movie you've heard of, starring some actors you know, prepare to be amazed as they bring you the next summer blockbuster..."

this as you can probly guess isn't the actual script from a summer blockbuster but it may as well be! why have movie trailers become a parody of themselves?! do they just INSERT FILMTITLE/ACTOR/DIRECTOR NAME HERE now?

while as the cinema this week* i was dismayed to be presented with a trailer that was so full of trailer cliche i can't even recall what it was for! surely that ain't doing the job properly?

i think there should be a backlash against the Movie Trailer Voice Guy - it could be a woman for starters, and then it could be a more casual delivery... that would really stand out in the crowd! Get the starring actor to do it? they get paid enough... a bit like audio commentary on a DVD as they show clips - oh i really liked doing this bit - and - oh we did this take 7 times! haha now i realise that isn't practical but still someone should take a look at this medium!
i don't wanna put the Movie Trailer Voice Guy outta work - heck its a recession i know it's already hard out there! but seriously i think it's time to have a fresh approach to selling movies!

and do they ALWAYS talk like that?!

fnar fnar old joke ;)

*The Watchmen - very enjoyable - startling blue member!

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