Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Escape from L.A.

i watched Escape from LA last nighton dvd on the back of Escape from New York being so good.

very disappointed!

I don't know how they managed it - i suspect CGI - but the entire movie seemed really fake. and not in the way i wasn't able to believe they were in 2013 but in the scenery shots that were obviously computer generated along with the 'disaster' effects...

very disappointing. i've never seen a film like that before, that uses modern technology to its detriment. and Escape from NY was so entertaining - but it was made in another era so...

further into my travels in dvd-land I watched Me Without You last week starring michelle williams of dawsons creek fame and anna friel of first uk tv lezza kiss fame! haha

that was quite depressing but i was feeling rubbish anyway which i suppose doesn't help matters, it was about an unhealthy friendship between two girls who grew up next door to each other. one character was quite toxic and bossy and the other quiet, intelligent, nice... she wins out in the end. the premise of bossy knickers nasty character seemed to be her broken home which annoys me since i'm from a broken home and i don't think i'm a nasty person as a result, but hey its only a movie...

if you've seen a film on dvd lately and think i'd enjoy it - please send me a rave review!

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