Friday, March 02, 2007

daylight robbery

i'm catching a train to brighton today. it's my friend Vicky's 30th birthday on Sunday.

i guess it's about 250 miles away. to drive it would take about 5 hours and £40 in petrol but it's a long journey and i know there'd be traffic jams both ways so i'm going the environmentally friendly option and am i paying the same as i would in petrol?

am i b*ll*cks!

it's costing me £76! it's nothing less than daylight robbery! and it's still going to take me 5 hours to get there! i don't often grumble at the cost of stuff, just get on with it but that is harsh man!
i can think of many better ways of spending best part of £80! that just isn't value for money!
i seriously wouldn't mind if
a) i was paying the same as i would in petrol
b) paying a little bit more than in petrol for the convenience of not having to drive or
c) there was some kind of discount ticket i could get for being a frequent traveller.
the train service in the country is an embarrassment. in italy is only costs about £20 to go from Rome to Florence which is about 200 miles away, and it only takes 2 and half hours cos they have higher speed trains.

didn't we like invent trains?!
so why are we now so sh*t at them?!
oh yeah i know, because they privatised them and for years the shareholders have just been pocketing the money they make from ever increasing ticket prices rather than investing it into the service! so pathetically predictable! short term gain not long term investment - this country is going to the dogs! haha (i sound like an old man!)

i'm really looking fwd to being by the seasisde tho, it's good for me. i've had a right funk of a week so i'm hoping a bit of sun and sea will make me feel a bit brighter next week! i'm a bit worried about meeting my friend's latest beau, he's made her cry so i'm immediately in protective mode! grrrr! like a guard dog (skills 9)

£76 tho... flippn 'eck!

my old flexible friend will come in handy this weekend! thank heavens for credit cards...

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