Saturday, March 24, 2007

blog block

i had blog block this week! argh!

but now i'm back with a vengence! aha!

i just made my boyf a dalek chocolate cake! and let me tell you it was a messy job! i was covered in chocolate by the time i'd had finished... hmm! yummy!

he's a nightmare to buy presents for - he's of the i have everything i want persuasion - so i forced him to make a DVD choice on Thursday afternoon and got him a little silly extra something too...

i aslo collared his sister for some snaps of him as a youngster - they're now plastered around the flat and soon they'll be up in the pub too! it's so weird seeing pics of people you know really well as kids - it's like you didn't really think of them as being kids cos you've only known them as adults, and then there are they - looking the same but with less facial hair! haha

there's also a snap of him in his teenage band - he tells me how brilliant they were all the time! haha, no he doesn't actually tho he does tell me about some dude saying 'everything happens for a reason' and then being shat on by a pigeon... hehe

because i made a dalek cake earlier and had the extra bits as they fell off i now feel quite sick...
oh dear... best go... more later!

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