Friday, March 16, 2007

st patricks day

it's st patrick's day tomorrow and i am going to the capital city of Ireland* and my hometown, Liverpool for a guinness with my mum.

it's also Mother's Day on Sunday so I've cleverly tied the two events and made** my mum a guinness themed card! haha

not every one is a fan of the black stuff but IMHO it's the best thing on draft! i'm not supposed to be drinking at the moment, i'm on a low-calorie fortnight or something healthy, so i'm only having a wee one, but not having a guinness on st patrick's day would be like... like... well, i don't know what like but it would just be wrong! and it IS technically good for you...

i haven't always enjoyed the iron filled beverage tho, i remember watching the world cup back in the mid-90s while everyone supped it around me and my tipple was still sweet drinks like Southern Comfort and lemonade, or dareisayit, Taboo***! haha

i actually forced myself to drink it cos if everyone else loved it i must be missing out! i even went to Dublin on a daytrip for my 19th birthday and drank the black stuff all day. that's dedication my friends.

so happy st pats to all who love the black stuff! a special day to drink your favourite tipple is a great day!

*there's a lot of irish blood running thru those scouse veins! it was the potato famine i think... they were on their way to America but thought - hey! it's good here! haha
**actually made with my own hands, compooter, scissors and gluestick! all the cards in the shops were so girly and boring - i've made one that looks like a pint of guinness! hehe

** the shame of it. Taboo is just not cool. It's a fortified wine, vodka and fruit flavoured water drink to be mixed with lemondae. Sooo retro!

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