Friday, March 09, 2007

they're all cnuts out there

Last night I watched a documentary on the tellybox called The Great Global Warming Swindle. It was the carbon dioxide deniers telling us why it was all cobblers that man made emissions were to blame for global warming and that it was perfectly normal for the tempertaure to rise and fall on earth thanks to that big yellow ball of fire in the sky we call the Sun.

Then they said man made Global Warming was invented by Maggie Thatcher! OH MY GOD! what?! the evil iron lady herself? manipulating the stats to suit her? she wouldn't would she?!

oh dear. ofcourse she would.

Dear Al Gore, please explain why all these other scientists say its the Sun warming up the planet and have equally compelling data to prove it... Yours sincerely, Confused of Manchester xxx

why do politicians lie so much? i guess they have to otherwise nobody would ever get elected to anything... was the world always like this? so confused and rotten to the core?! haha

i think it put me another bad mood, they're REALLY going to start calling me narkynickers at work if i don't cheer up soon!

nothing a bit of retail therapy won't solve eh?! Ah, to be so vacuous...

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