Thursday, December 06, 2007

that great big ashtray in the sky

where have all the ashtrays gone?! hmm? answer me that!

the smoking ban in England on july 1st meant the familiar table top friend has disappeared!

i suppose theyv been sold off to non-fascist countries where you can smoke where you like hehe, i'm JOKING! i happen to agree with the ban since i've never smoked and hate seeing my loved ones sucking away on the cancer sticks! it DOES help them quit because social smoking is just peer pressure for grown ups! similarly social drinking is subject to this ridiculous peer pressure, but that's another blog...

but having enjoyed the more glam reclaimed ashtraay for makeshift jewellery pots in the past it occured to me that suddenly there was a mass mountain of ashtrays somewhere gathering dust!

sounds like an entry for the turner prize! haha tracy emin eat your heart out!

it certainly must be time for a coffee table edition lamenting the loss of this sometimes very stylish everyday item... well i'm not busy January so.... hehe

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